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Five Jacket Styles for Modern Stylish Men

Jackets don’t just give you the necessary warmth and comfort; they also lend you a style that you cannot easily get from other types of clothing. From the classics to the modern types,here are five of the best types of jacket that you must have to level up your styling game.

Bomber jacket

Also called flight jacket,bomber jackets started as military outfits. Today,it is an iconic piece that provides comfort,style,and functionality. It is characterized by its elastic waist and cuffs. Bomber jackets are light and can be worn over a t-shirt as spring attire and over a hoodie as winter wear.

Biker jacket

Biker jackets are perfect if you want to achieve an edgier look. They are typically made of black leather and have a close fit,matched with zippers and studs. Sometimes called moto jackets,they look good with black boots and jeans. It is definitely a nice jacket that will make you look more bad-ass.

Denim jacket

Versatile and classic,denim jackets can be used to create numerous casual and smart casual attires. With the right shirt and pants to match with,you can use a denim jacket to stay stylish on warm summer nights and on chill winter days. They come in different styles and designs too.


Parkas are a must-have when the weather starts to bite. It is a hip-length jacket that is usually made from synthetic fiber and features a fur-lined hood. They make nice informal winter wear along with sweaters,jeans,and boots. If you’re looking for a stylish,windproof,and insulated jacket,get a parka.


Long and warm,overcoats are formal coats that you wear over suit jackets or blazers. Thanks to its thick material (typically wool),you can stay comfortable as you commute to work or as you go out for dinner or some drinks.

There are many other types of jackets you can find in lifestyle stores like Ka-pok,but these are the classic ones that you must have in your wardrobe. Get yourself some great pieces so you can stay stylish despite the biting cold.

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