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Four Tips for Newbie Freelancers

Freelancing is certainly not for every professional,but it has proven to be a smart option for those who wish to have the perfect work-life balance. Many freelancers enjoy the freedom associated to being their own boss and working on their own pace. They also find convenience in working at the comforts of their own home or in flexible setups such as host desk coworking space.

If you are thinking about freelancing,there are some things you must learn before jumping on the freelance arena. If you don’t know how to get started,here are some tips for you.

Know your rate

Know how much you should charge for your service. Ideally,a basic hourly rate must be equivalent to the sum of your annual salary,expenses,and profit divided by your annual billable hours. There are cases when an hourly charge is not ideal,so learn to compute project fees and service packages as well.

Prepare a contract

A contract is not just for formality purposes,but it gives you the necessary security in every project you take. Your contract must contain the specifics of your agreement with your client including the charges and terms concerning the project such as deadlines,revisions,cancellations,among other provisions.

Make a schedule

Just because you have ample of time to work on your freelance job,it does not mean that you don’t need a schedule to follow. Plan your work by setting a schedule. This should help you meet deadlines,attend to other important matters,and look for other potential projects in the future.

Use technology

There are a lot of tools and apps you can use to make your freelancing life much more convenient. You can use everything from apps that help prevent distractions to tools that help manage tasks and even prepare invoices.

Being a freelancer comes with many benefits. Start by following the tips mentioned above and soon enough you will be on your way to successful freelancing career.

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